man holding CCI 22LR Cartridges in hand with rifle in lap

How To Choose Trapline Ammo

Whether you’re running a trapline for profit or predator control, these are the loads you’ll want in your gun.

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22plinkster aiming a pistol

Red Dots & Rimfire

Red dot optics make shooting so much easier—especially for those with declining eyesight. CCI ambassador 22plinkster outlines how to choose and use a red dot for the best rimfire accuracy.

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hunter holding a dead squirrel next to a dog

Why You Need A Squirrel Dog

If you’ve never chased bushytails behind a well-trained dog, you’re missing out on one of hunting’s greatest pleasures.

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CCI rimfire cartridges being held in a hand

Choose The Right Rimfire Load

From plinking to hunting to competition, having the right rimfire load makes a major difference in performance. We explain how to choose wisely for any pursuit.

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