young lady aiming a handgun

CCI & Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation

Sportsmanship, marksmanship and teamwork all come together in the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation and its nationwide circuit of youth shooting competitions. CCI Ammunition is a proud supporter of the organization and its mission.

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22plinkster holding a box of stangers

Understanding Velocity Classes

Most shooters know rimfire ammunition is often grouped by velocity class, such as high, hyper and standard. However, few truly understand what these categories really mean. CCI ambassador 22plinkster reveals how to match velocity range to application.

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VNT 22 WMR cartridges standing in front of the product packaging

The Magnum In Our Midst

The outstanding and often overlooked 22 WMR cartridge bridges the gap between the 22 LR and 22 centerfires.

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