view through a rifle scope looking at long range targets

Extend Your Rimfire Range

Rimfire rifles are capable of hitting the target at far longer distances than most shooters realize. But accuracy at ranges measured in football fields requires specialized ammo and gear. CCI ambassador 22plinkster explains.

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CCI ammunition in trays

Divide & Conquer

Get to know the bullet design that’s tripled the lethality of rimfire ammunition. CCI product director Jason Slinkard explains how the Segmented Hollow Point bullet functions and describes its devastating effect on game.

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CCI ammo laying in a hand

Choose The Right Bullet Coating

What coats a rimfire bullet—if it’s coated at all—decides a lot about how that bullet performs. CCI ambassador 22plinkster sets the record straight on copper-plated, polymer-coated and plain lead bullets and where they work best.

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