CCI Quiet-22 Cartridges laying on a table

Keep It Down

For years, Quiet-22 technology has been making an impact while hardly making a sound. CCI product director Jason Slinkard runs through the Quiet-22 lineup and explains what makes these loads so unique.

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metal targets outside

22plinkster’s Top 5 Targets

He became a legend in his own time for his ability to connect on virtually any target. Now CCI ambassador 22plinkster reveals his top five targets—try them all the next time you’re at the range.

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shooter looking down the scope of rifle resting on a table with a box of Clean-22

Clean Up Your Act

Shoot more without fouling your bore or suppressor. CCI product director Jason Slinkard highlights our newest Clean-22 ammo offerings and reveals how much the exclusive polymer coating technology reduces fouling.

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22plinkster aiming a pistol

How To Get More From Open Sights

Shooting open sights is a skill that can be learned and improved upon. CCI ambassador 22plinkster has built much of his legendary career by shooting iron sights with an incredible degree of accuracy—this explains how he does it.

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