hunting party holding up their cottontails

Chasing Cottontail

Take a closer look at North America’s most popular small game animal—and learn how to hunt them.

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raccoon in a tree

America’s Most Wanted

Raccoons are nest-robbing bandits that hit upland, waterfowl and turkey nests hard. Now is the time for a different kind of predator control.

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pistol and CCI ammunition sitting on a moss covered log

Rimfire As A Training Tool

Although rimfire handguns aren’t often thought of as defensive firearms, they can be excellent training tools. CCI ambassador 22plinkster explains how to select the right pistol and use it to hone skills that will carry over to your centerfire handgun.

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rustic bean cassoulet with rabbit confit in a blue cast iron dutch oven on a table

Rustic Bean Cassoulet With Rabbit Confit

If you’ve already made our rabbit confit, you have one of the primary building blocks for another great wild game recipe.

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CCI ammunition sitting in front of metal targets

Make A Clean Sweep

CCI’s Clean-22 polymer coating technology has changed the ammunition game and the capabilities of the firearms that shoot it. Get the lowdown on the different Clean-22 options from CCI brand ambassador 22plinkster.

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