Ammunition Selection For Use In Lightweight Revolvers

Read the Owner's Manual for your firearm.

Due to the light weight of some firearms, inertial forces when firing can possibly unseat the bullet from its crimp in the cartridge case. When selecting your ammunition for both training and personal carry, it is recommended the following steps be accomplished at a range or other suitable location.

  1. Measure the Cartridge Overall Length also known as COAL (bottom of the case to the top of the bullet). Note that length and mark the case head with a permanent marker so it can be readily identified.
  2. In a suitable location to shoot safely, load the cylinder to capacity and index the cylinder so the marked round would be the last to fire.
  3. Fire all of the rounds in the cylinder EXCEPT the marked round in accordance with the gun manufacturer's instructions. Remove all of the fired cases and the unfired round. On the live round, visually inspect for bullet movement and again measure the COAL to determine if the measurement exceeds the original by more than 0.015".

If bullet movement, over 0.015", is discovered, those rounds are not suitable for personal protection/ carry and the test should be repeated with another type, bullet weight or non +P ammunition. Understand that even the rounds which did not meet the requirement for personal protection/carry are suitable for use when loaded two or three rounds in the cylinder at a time.

Read the Owner's Manual for your firearm.

17 HMR Ammunition Safety Notice and Warning

(Updated June 9, 2016)

All CCI 17 HMR ammunition may be fired safely and reliably through the Savage A17™ semi-automatic rifle. The firearm features an exclusive delayed-blowback action and interrupter lug that force the action to stay safely closed until pressure drops to a safe level upon ignition.

Do NOT use 17 HMR ammunition in ANY OTHER semi-automatic rifle without consulting the firearms manufacturer. Use of 17 HMR ammunition in other semi-automatic firearms may result in serious personal injury or property damage.

17 HMR ammunition is manufactured in accordance with standards issued by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute (SAAMI). Subsequent to the design and introduction of 17 HMR ammunition to the market, 17 HMR semi-automatic firearms were introduced by various firearm manufacturers. Many of those firearms have proven to be incompatible with 17 HMR ammunition. 17 HMR ammunition is suitable for use in quality firearms in good condition that are not semi-automatic (with the exception of the Savage A17).

Accordingly, do not use 17 HMR ammunition in semi-automatic firearms without consulting with your firearms manufacturer. Only use 17 HMR in quality modern firearms in good condition marked for 17 HMR cartridges. Always use eye and ear protection. Always read all product labeling carefully for instructions on safe use.

Please contact your firearms manufacturer. For ammunition questions, contact CCI Technical Service.

Ruger 4/5 Scale Vaquero Warning

CAUTION: Ruger has introduced a New Vaquero with a smaller frame size, 4/5th the size of the OLDER Ruger Vaquero. Ruger has suggested that the New Model Vaquero use only ammunition that is to the industry pressure level for the 45 Colt (14,000 psi). Load data for the 45 Colt in the #13 Speer Reloading Manual has higher pressure load data listed as applicable to "45 Colt for Ruger & Contender ONLY.”


To All 17 Mach 2 Shooters

Understanding the popularity of firearm modification and customization in the rimfire community, there are compelling reasons for 17 Mach 2 shooters to be made aware of the dangers inherent in creating or modifying firearms. The 17 Mach 2 is a specially designed cartridge that relies on a manufacturer or professional gunsmith paying especially close attention to the specifications set by SAAMI-the shooting industry’s regulating board. Due to the intricacies of this cartridge, ammunition manufacturers will be placing the following warning (or similar language to this effect) on all 17 Mach 2 product packaging. The manufacturers of this great product are excited to bring it to rimfire shooters everywhere, but urge everyone to please keep safety the number one priority by following guidelines set by the experts.

Thank you.

WARNING: To avoid serious injury from a ruptured cartridge, 17 Mach 2 ammunition should only be used in firearms with components specifically designed to safely fire 17 Mach 2 ammunition, including the firearm's action components (bolt/firing mechanism). Do not use this ammunition in firearms that have been modified unless ALL the action components have been specifically designed or verified by the firearm manufacturer as useable for 17 Mach 2.