Josh Froelich shooting a rifle

Firearm & Ammo Options

They’re not just for plinking anymore. Rimfire rifles are as diverse and versatile as their centerfire counterparts. CCI brand ambassador Josh Froelich breaks down the selection and explains how the right ammo gets more from any platform.

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Steven Rinella sitting amoungst trees

Grilling The MeatEater: Part 1

MeatEater’s Steven Rinella is used to putting the heat to wild game. So we’ve turned the tables, grilling him with questions on one of the pursuits nearest and dearest to his heart: squirrel hunting.

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Josh Froelich shooting a rifle

Grilling The MeatEater: Part 2

We recently put MeatEater’s Steven Rinella in the hot seat, grilling him for answers to your top questions on squirrel hunting. We’re back at it with a new installment on rabbit hunting with a rimfire rifle, and you can’t afford to miss it.

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Josh Froelich holding a rifle

Shooting Suppressed

Adding a suppressor makes the already fun 22 LR platform even better, but you need to do your part. CCI brand ambassador Josh Froelich explains how he makes his suppressed 22s shoot their best.

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