VNT™ 22 WMR 30 Grain

VNT™ 22 WMR 30 Grain

Part # 969CC
  • Grain Weight: 30
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2200
5.0 (2)
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Product Overview

Devastate varmints or drill targets at long range with CCI® VNT™. The loads feature a Speer® bullet with an extremely thin jacket and polymer tip that team up to offer flat trajectories, superb long-range accuracy and explosive terminal performance on impact. It’s the perfect combination for hunting varmints or shooting at the range.

  • CCI ® VNT™ bullet design
  • Very thin jacket combined with precision-built polymer tip
  • Devastating terminal effect on varmints
  • Flat shooting and highly accurate to maximize effective range
  • Consistent CCI® priming


Caliber 22 WMR
Grain Weight 30
Muzzle Velocity 2200
Bullet Style VNT
Ballistic Coefficient .116
Package Quantity 50
Usage Varmint


Velocity in feet per second
Muzzle 50 Y 75 Y 100 Y
2200 1866 1714 1571
Energy in Foot Pounds
Muzzle 50 Y 75 Y 100 Y
322 232 196 164
Average Range
25 Y 50 Y 75 Y 100 Y
-0.2 0.5 0.6
Height of bullet trajectory in inches above or below line of sight if zeroed at 100 yards. Sights 1.5 inches above bore line.



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Deadly on Varmints!
I had the opportunity to shoot these rounds on ground squirrels recently and the results were nothing short of impressive. Shooting out of a stock Ruger .22 mag rimfire dialed in at 100 yards I eliminated 26 squirrels with 24 shots with two misses due to range miscalculations on my part. Most were shot at around 50-75 yards with some taken out to 125 yards. Accuracy was phenomenal and bullet performance was totally devastating. You’ll love these if they shoot well out of your rifle.
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Peter P.
Peter P.
Best grouping at 100 yards
So far I’ve worked through 6 or so ammos and I’ve been most happy with the grouping performance on these at 100 yards.
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