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Clean-22 Hyper Velocity Packaging
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Uppercut 22 LR

Protection should always be personal. Built for how you carry. Crafted for how you defend. Sized to match any shooter. New CCI Uppercut answers that call with power and performance traditional 22 Long Rifle ammunition has never been able to deliver. The difference lies in its exclusive 32-grain projectile. Unlike the simple lead round nose or copper-plated hollow points typical of most rimfire ammunition, Uppercut’s jacketed hollow point bullet features nose skiving that initiates full and reliable expansion through 2.5- to 4-inch handgun barrels, while retaining the weight needed to hit critical penetration depths. Plus, the unwaxed bullet reduces fouling and improves feeding in all conditions.

Clean-22 Hyper Velocity Packaging

Clean-22 Hyper Velocity

Now, get all the benefits of Clean-22 technology with the flat trajectories and power of an extreme velocity load. New Clean-22 Hyper Velocity clocks in at 1550 fps, while its exclusive polymer bullet coating reduces fouling, especially in suppressed rimfires.

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